History of GIS in Jefferson City and Cole County, Missouri

GIS Timeline

1996 - Jefferson City's interest in GIS stemmed from a stormwater study that captured aerial photography and contour data. At that time the data was managed out of an Auto-Cad based system, but many departments saw the need to be able to perform analysis on data that had been created.

1998 - Interest in GIS was so high that the City and County partnered on their first GIS strategic plan. At that time the Planning and Zoning Department at the City was a major catalyst in propelling GIS's momentum.

1999 - This was a major year for GIS at the City and County. The City received an ESRI local government software grant. MJ Harden (now GE) was awarded a contract with the County to convert about 800 hard copy parcel maps to digital form. They did this using existing mylar maps. ESRI was awarded a contract with the City to create a custom map application based on ArcView 3.x technology. That program became known as IAS (Information Access System).

2000 - The City began and finished collecting sanitary sewer structures. The Wastewater Department Director had previously estimated that there were about 5000 manholes in the City, but by the time the data was collected and put it into the GIS system, he realized that the City had over 10,000 manholes.

2001 - MJ Harden Associates, Inc completed work to digitize tax assessment maps.
All fire hydrants in the City were collected and put into the IAS. ArcIMS (Internet Map Server), an ESRI technology that allows you to serve GIS data via the Web, was purchased and again ESRI was awarded a contracted to turn the IAS program into an interactive mapping website allowing satellite offices access to the GIS system.

2002 - The first partnerships between City and County for cost sharing. The first being a new color orthophotography mission. That partnership was followed by a new geocodable street centerline file. That was followed by an update to the City/County GIS Strategic Plan. There have been numerous partnerships since that time, some examples being the creation of a SITUS address data layer, and most recently the formation of MidMOGIS.

2003 - Cole County enlisted Midland GIS Solutions to create a GIS system that would enable the Assessor's Office to maintain its real estate tax parcels "in house". Prior to 2004, Central Missouri Professional Services, a local survey/engineering company was contracted to maintain the real estate tax maps.

2004 - Midland GIS solutions delivered the new parcel maintenance system to the county. The Assessor's Office created a new position of Map Supervisor to maintain the new digital system. A new Map Tech position would be added in 2006. The addition of a new digital Soil Grade maintenance system soon followed. In late 2004 the city and county realized the need for a one of the most important phases of the GIS programs to date, a centralized GIS data repository. This was important step in creating a true enterprise solution. To this end the City purchased SQL Server as the relational database management system (RDBMS) and purchased ArcSDE (Spatial Data Engine).

At this time the City saw the need to add more personnel to the GIS Division and the City Council voted in favor to convert three unfilled positions from other Divisions. GIS personnel now consist of a GIS Manager, a GIS Database Administrator (this position takes care of administering SQL server and ArcSDE), two GIS Technicians, and two GIS interns.

2005 - A new online map application (or IMS) was developed for the
Assessor's Office. CARES (the Center for Agricultural, Resource and Environmental Systems) at MU in Columbia, MO programmed and hosted the interactive mapping website which allows easy access to maps and parcel information. It was provided on a subscription basis to citizens and businesses, and internally and to local government organizations free of charge. This allowed county, city, and other government offices access to GIS data that previously had been used primarily by Cole County Public Works, and the Assessor's office.

2006 - MidMoGIS was formed.  Read more about us!





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