Custom Maps


The following is a list of layers that can be used to compose a custom mapping product. MidMoGIS charges $35.00/hour for custom map production. A one (1) hour minimum charge will be applied to ALL requests. Any additional prints of custom maps will be charged based on the size of the print. For map requests please contact us.

Layer Name
CAMPO Traffic Volume Model Metadata
Capitol Area Metro Planning Organization Boundary Metadata
City Limits Metadata
Contours 1ft Metadata
Contours 2ft Metadata
Crosswalks Metadata
Fire Hydrants Metadata
Fire Stations Metadata
Greenway Trails Metadata
Land Use Metadata
Memorial Trees Metadata
Parcel Lines Metadata
Park Benches Metadata
Railroad Metadata
Sanitary Sewer Pipes & Structures Pipes & Structures
Layer Name Metadata
Schools Metadata
Sidewalks Metadata
Situs Addresses Metadata
Spot Elevations Metadata
Storm Sewer Pipes & Structures Pipes & Structures
Street Centerlines Metadata
Survey Points (1st & 2nd Order) 1st Order & 2nd Order
Traffic Counts Metadata
Vacated Easements & Rights of Way Metadata
Wards and Precincts Metadata
Warning Sirens Metadata
Water Districts Metadata
Water Lines & Valves (North Jefferson City) Lines & Valves
Water Sheds Metadata
Zoning Metadata






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